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We will use your information to assess your application for insurance and the terms on which we may offer you cover. We exchange information with other insurers and reinsurers in order to manage your policy. The information you provide may also be shared with fraud prevention agencies to check your details.

Our assumptions

This insurance depends on the following assumptions being correct. Please read them carefully, if any of them are incorrect it could impact your eligibility for cover and therefore impact the insurer's ability to pay your claim.

You or any person usually living with you

  • currently have a buildings insurance policy in place and understand that Home Emergency cover is only valid if there is a buildings insurance policy in force at the time of a claim
  • have not had any insurance cancelled, refused or declined
  • are aware that Home Emergency cover is excluded where no one has resided in the property being insured for a period exceeding 30 consecutive days

The home you want to insure

  • is a private home used for domestic purposes only
  • is occupied by you and not by tenants
  • is situated within the United Kingdom or the Isle of Man
  • has no more than ten rooms
  • is of standard construction with walls of brick or stone and a roof which is not thatched
  • is in a good state of repair and the primary heating system is in good working order

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  • There are no fees or charges for paying monthly by Direct Debit.
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You can change any of your selections or any of the information you have provided by going back through the application form above.

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